Our Story

The Kara family has been serving the region since 1985.

Even though we’re starting in a slightly different business, and with a new location, our top-quality and friendly service is exactly the same as it always has been since that first day in 1985. We want to do well by our community by providing service and even better food. We strongly believe in the intelligence of food, and we hand-pick our products in small quantities, multiple times during any given week. We’re proud to be experience-rich with several years under our belt, and we’ll continue being the “Fiduciary” for your food. We want to do well by doing good to our community!

The Kara Family Timeline


- Began our garden for fresh produce

- Sold our excess at Waterloo market

- Expanded into the Kitchener market and St. Jacobs market until a fire destroyed our business

- Operated our store in Kitchener "Kara's smart foods" (the regions first custom salad bar) 


- Opened our current location - KARA'S MARKET CAFE


- Rona arrives! (And the story continues........)


At any given time, you may see one or more of us in the cafe. Please introduce yourself!  ~Thomas, Jessica, Gerald, Bess, Nathaniel, Lydia